Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 Plus SM-X210 8.7inch WiFi 4GB 64GB Mystic Navy

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Samsung Tab Latest Galaxy Tab A9 Plus


Expected Delivery: 30 May 2024
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Samsung Tab Latest Galaxy Tab A9 Plus


Samsung Tab Latest Galaxy Tab A9 Plus 64GB wifi X210:

Elegant Design:

Discover the sleek and modern design of the Samsung Tab A9 and Tab A9+. Crafted with a slim metal body, these tablets are available in Graphite, Silver, and Navy, showcasing both style and portability.

  • The Galaxy Tab A9 boasts a thickness of 8.0mm, while the Tab A9+ takes it a step further with a slimmer profile at 6.9mm.
  • Enjoy a choice of colors and a design that merges aesthetics with functionality.

Vivid Displays:

Immerse yourself in expansive displays that bring content to life on the Samsung Tab A9 and Tab A9+.

  • The Tab A9 features a 22.05cm (8.7”) screen.
  • The Tab A9+ takes it up a notch with a larger 27.82cm (11.0″) display.
  • The Tab A9+ stands out with a high 90Hz screen refresh rate for a seamless visual experience.

Powerful Performance:

Experience robust performance and responsive multitasking with the Samsung Tab A9 and Tab A9+.

  • Both tablets offer up to 8GB of RAM for smooth app switching and lag-free performance.

Ample Storage Options:

Choose from generous built-in storage capacities to accommodate your digital world.

  • Options include 64GB and 128GB storage for storing high-resolution videos, photos, documents, and more.

Variety of Models:

Explore different variants to match your preferences and usage requirements.

  • In addition to the 128GB option, there’s a 64GB 4GB variant, offering a slightly lower storage capacity and RAM.

Expandable Storage Flexibility:

Enhance your storage capabilities with microSD card support, allowing for up to 1TB of additional space.

  • Carry your entire digital world without worrying about running out of space.

Tailored Computing Experience:

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A9 and Tab A9+ cater to a variety of user needs, providing a range of storage and performance options. Whether you prioritize multimedia storage or opt for more basic usage, these tablets deliver a flexible and responsive computing experience.

Multi-Tasking Excellence:

Experience seamless multi-tasking with the Samsung Tab A9 and Tab A9+. The multi-window feature allows users to effortlessly split the screen into multiple sections, managing up to three apps simultaneously.

  • Sketch architectural plans, browse captivating visuals, or conduct video chats without closing any windows.

Immersive Audio Delight:

Indulge in a superior audio experience with Dual Speakers (1.0W output) on the Galaxy Tab A9 and Quad Speakers (1.2W output) on the Tab A9+. Both tablets support Dolby Atmos for a rich and immersive audio experience, perfect for movies, music, and more.

Enhanced Security and Privacy:

Prioritize the security of your data with features like Secure Folder, ensuring sensitive information stays protected from unauthorized access. The Privacy Dashboard offers a comprehensive overview of your device’s security status for peace of mind.

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