Samsung Galaxy Note 10 8GB 256GB PTA Aprove –
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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 8GB 256GB PTA Aprove

  • PTA Aprove
  • 6.3″ 1080×2280 pixels.
  • 12MP. 2160p.
  • 8GB RAM. Exynos 9825.
  • 3500mAh.


Estimated Delivery Date September 29, 2020







Introducing next-level power
With Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ we’ve designed a mobile experience that’s like a computer, a gaming console, a movie-tech camera, and an intelligent pen, all in one device

More screen, less interruption

Form, touch, and gesture combine to create a completely new experience

STYLEDesigned to be as beautiful as it is powerful

Power now comes in two sizes

The effortless, ergonomic grip and lightweight build set a new standard for smartphone design.

Hands holding Galaxy Note10 plus and Galaxy Note10 each with an abstract graphic onscreen. Next to Galaxy Note10 plus is text that says 6.8-inch Infinity-O Display, 498 PPI, 196 grams weight. Next to Galaxy Note10 is text that says 6.3-inch Infinity-O Display, 401 PPI, 168 grams weight







Colors inspired by lightChoose from a range of bold and vibrant hues. Made of durable Gorilla Glass 6, the polished glass material catches the light, creating a futuristic, premium aura.

Galaxy Note10 in Aura Glow seen from the rear, close up on the triple rear camera, next to the blue S PenGalaxy Note10 plus in Aura Glow seen from the rear, close up on the quad rear camera, next to the blue S Pen

slide1:Galaxy Note10 plus camera and S Penslide2:Galaxy Note10 plus thin designslide3:Galaxy Note10 plus S Pen holster

*Actual color may differ from image due to lighting. Color and model availability may vary by country or carrier.

One UI helps you focus on what matters mostUsing Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ feels like second nature. Our intuitive, sophisticated One UI interactions are built to give you a simple Galaxy experience.

Go to One UI

Galaxy Note10 plus seen from the front with the Messages GUI onscreen. It shifts to another window showing a text message conversation with a received message from Sarah Smith that says Are you climbing now? And a sent message that replies Check out the view on this hike. Below is a photo of a person hiking in the send window and the Gallery pulled up to select images from

DISPLAYA cinematic screen in the palm of your hand

On-screen Ultrasonic Fingerprint scanner for vault-like securityHidden within the screen is the Ultrasonic Fingerprint scanner. It pulses to detect the 3D ridges and valleys of your fingerprint for invisible security.

Hand holding Galaxy Note10 plus with an illustrated graphic of a person jumping as the lock screen and the Ultrasonic Fingerprint scanner GUI overlaid on top

Infinity-O Display creates an uninterrupted viewThe front camera is tiny and discreetly positioned to minimize interruptions onscreen. And with bezels pushed way back, we’ve given you a truly epic view.

Hand holding Galaxy Note10 plus with the screen on, showing the uninterrupted view of the Infinity-O Display

DYNAMIC AMOLEDEngineered from the pixel up for brilliant color, tone, and comfort

A cinema-grade viewing experience on mobileEnjoy a cinematic experience whether outside in bright daylight or in the dark. It’s HDR10+ certified with Dynamic Tone Mapping for playback with tone and contrast true to how it’s intended to be seen, so watching HDR10+ content on YouTube is vivid and exciting.

Galaxy Note10 plus split in half with a woman smiling onscreen. One half is shown against a night sky and the other half is shown against a daytime sky, demonstrating that the cinema-grade HDR10 plus display shows true colors, day or night

VDE logo

*The Dynamic AMOLED display on Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ received the certification from VDE Germany for 100 percent Mobile Color Volume in the DCI-P3 color range, which means your images aren’t washed out and you’ll get unbelievably vivid colors regardless of differing levels of brightness. The display can achieve peak brightness of up to 1200 nits, improving the contrast between dark and light aspects of digital content for a more brilliant picture quality, with a 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio to make the mobile experience more immersive.

Eye comfort display reduces eyestrain without sacrificing color

The display lessens eyestrain and sleep disturbance by reducing harmful blue light at the pixel level, without compromising color.

Woman holding her phone in landscape mode in a dark environment to represent the reduced blue light from Galaxy Note10 and Note10 plus’s displayTUVRheinland logo

*TUV Rheinland, a globally recognized certification institute, awarded Galaxy Note10 and Note10+’s display the Eye Comfort Certification based on its ability to drastically reduce the harmful effects of blue light. This certification can be found on with the ID 1419071436.

PACKAGEAll you need is in the box

You’re good to go with all the essentials

Unbox what you need to start your Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ experience right, like new Type-C earphones and spare S Pen tips.

Flat lay of all the items included in the box with Galaxy Note10 and Note10 plus and S Pen like the Data Cable, Travel Adapter, Ejection Pin, Type-C earphones with sound by AKG, Pen nibs, Clear Cover, and Protective Film*Actual components, including cover, protective film, and USB Connector may not be available depending on the model you purchase or the country or region you live in. Excluding cover, white components only available with white devices and all other device colors will receive black components in box.

Lower half of Galaxy Note10 plus seen in landscape mode with an abstract graphic onscreen and blurred slightly to appear as if it’s moving fast

The only phone for people looking to get the most out of a phone

POWERPower to make your day last

Super Fast Charging — a 30 minute charge to last all day

Harness 25W of power for a 30 minute power-up that goes all day.1 Or ditch the cord with Fast Wireless Charging 2.0.2

A woman standing against a bright blue sky looking down at the camera with the charging GUI overlaid on top. The charging percentage goes up to 100% quickly to represent the speed of Super Fast Charging 
All-day battery lasts as long as you do

It’s Note’s largest battery yet. Cutting-edge intelligence recognizes and adjusts to your mobile habits to outlast the day.3,4

4300mAh(TYPICAL)ON Galaxy Note10+
3500mAh(TYPICAL)ON Galaxy Note10
A woman standing against a bright blue sky looking down at the camera. The sky changes from daylight to dusk
Wireless PowerShare gives you the power to charge other devices

Place your friend’s phone, your Galaxy Buds, or Qi-compatible devices on the back of your phone to start reverse charging. No cables necessary.5

Galaxy Note10 plus laying facedown on a table with Galaxy Buds charging on top via Wireless PowerShare*Accessories sold separately. Model and color availability may vary by country or carrier.

MEMORYLaptop storage without the laptop

A powerful amount of storage fits in your pocket

With up to 256GB internal storage and expandable by up to another 1TB with a microSD card, there’s room for all your music, photography, and movies.6


Galaxy Note10 plus seen laying face up. Pages of photos come out from the screen to open like a book and represent the phone’s expansive storage

Hybrid SIM keeps you connected and expands your storage

Insert a microSD card for more storage, or swap it out to a second SIM card for dual SIM capability — making you twice as connected with one device.

Close up of Galaxy Note10 plus with the hybrid SIM tray ejected with two SIM cards in place

*Hybrid SIM tray available only on Galaxy Note10+ LTE model.

*SIM card sold separately. Availability of dual SIM may vary depending on country or carrier.

*MicroSD card sold separately. Availability may vary depending on country and manufacturer.

AP AND RAMRight-now fast

Handles your data in the blink of an eye

Stream, game, or download at unbelievable speeds even when multitasking. The intelligent processor also preloads frequently used apps for a fast launch.

RAM712GBon Galaxy Note10+
RAM78GBon Galaxy Note10
Illustration of the 7nm processor inside Galaxy Note10 plus shown in landscape mode

GAMINGThe power to game in real-time, anytime

Engineered for gaming, perfected for gamers

The slimmer, newly designed vapor chamber cooling system, improved AI, and enhanced NPU provide you with a smooth gaming experience with reduced lag, even when the game heats up.

Galaxy Note10 plus shown with the display separated from the body to reveal the hardware inside. The vapor chamber cooling system is highlighted with a blue and purple gradient

CONNECTIVITYStream. Download. Fast

Wi-Fi 6 and LTE takes speed to new levels

Intelligent Wi-Fi gets you connected you faster with Wi-Fi 6.8 When you’re not in Wi-Fi range, LTE hits speeds up to 2.0Gbps for less buffering.9

Woman holding Galaxy Note10 plus. Download manager notifications appear showing two large files being downloaded at the same time thanks to the improved data speeds

PRODUCTIVITYWork between phone and computer without missing a beat

Samsung DeX opens a new desktop world on both PC and Mac

Drag and drop files from device to device, or make quick edits on the big screen with no interruptions. You can even work on your phone while it’s connected to the computer via USB cable. 10

Go to Samsung DeX

Close up on the Samsung DeX cable plugged into Galaxy Note10 plus with a sketch onscreen. Another image shows a Samsung laptop with the same sketch onscreen and Galaxy Note10 plus connected via USB cable with Screen off memo onscreen
Simply stay connected to your Galaxy phone on your Windows PC

Link to Windows syncs your recent photos, messages, and notifications from your phone to your PC. And screen mirroring lets you keep focusing on your PC work while keeping track of your phone tasks at the same time.11, 12, 13

Man working on a laptop and holding Galaxy Note10 plus. Both the laptop and the phone have the same text message conversation onscreen, showing how Link to Windows syncs messages to your PC

AUDIOAudio engineered for goosebumps

Taking sound to the next level

The speakers and Type-C earphones offer stereo audio enhanced by Dolby Atmos for a clear, rich, 3D sound experience.

Hands holding Galaxy Note10 plus in landscape mode with Samsung Music onscreen playing a song. Illustrated rings pulse out from the phone to represent the stereo audio enhanced by Dolby Atmos for a 3D immersive sound experience

IP68The phone that’s not afraid of a little water

Water resistance stands up to splashes

Galaxy Note10, Note10+, and S Pen feature an IP68 rating, the Galaxy standard for water and dust resistance.14

Hand holding Galaxy Note10 plus outside with a bold image onscreen and water droplets on the screen, showing the water resistance of IP68

SECURITYSecurity at every level protects what’s yours

Samsung Knox delivers defense-grade security

Your private data is protected from malware and malicious attacks by leveraging the hardware-backed and multi-layered Knox security platform.

Close up of Galaxy Note10 plus in landscape mode with the Samsung Knox logo onscreen
Unlock tailored to you

Face Recognition and Ultrasonic Fingerprint keep your device secure until it detects your individual features. Or use a PIN, pattern, or password.

Close up of Galaxy Note10 plus’s display, showing the Ultrasonic Fingerprint scanner GUI
Man holding and looking at his Galaxy Note10 plus as he uses Face Recognition to unlock his phone

Your always-ready, intelligent assistant

Just say it and Bixby makes it happen

The intelligent assistant, Bixby, responds to your voice. Simplify your tasks with Quick Commands by assigning a keyword or phrase to a group of actions.15

Go to Bixby

Woman holding Galaxy Note10 plus with the Bixby GUI onscreen displaying tomorrow’s schedule. Three Bixby notifications appear saying “How’s the weather tomorrow?”, “Text Alice See you at 10”, and “Read tomorrow’s schedule.”

Bixby Vision changes how you see the world

Use your camera to translate whole sentences from a foreign language via the upgraded Bixby Vision.16

Go to Bixby Vision

Hand holding Galaxy Note10 plus with the Live Translation GUI onscreen, translating from a foreign language in real time

MULTI DEVICE EXPERIENCESimplify your life with Galaxy Note10 and Note10+

Connect to a seamless experience

Control a range of devices from your Galaxy Note10 or Note10+, including your Galaxy Tab S5e, Galaxy Buds, and Galaxy Watch Active2, using your Samsung Account to create a convenient, seamless ecosystem.

Galaxy Tab S5e, Galaxy Note10 plus, Galaxy Watch Active2, and Galaxy Buds shown laying face up. Galaxy Tab S5, Galaxy Note10 plus, and Galaxy Watch Active2 all have the Samsung Music app onscreen showing how it’s simple to get a seamlessly connected experience by logging into your devices with your Samsung account

*All products sold separately.

*Each device must be connected to Wi-Fi or other wireless network.

*For interoperability, all the devices should be registered with a single Samsung Account.

Close up of the rear quad camera system on Galaxy Note10 plus


The new camera system brings pro-grade movie technology to mobile and makes it easy to use

The pro-grade camera that turns everyday photos and videos into epic moments

We packed powerful pro-grade technology in your pocket with the multi-camera system, giving you the power to go from shoot to edit instantly.

*DepthVision Camera only available on Galaxy Note10+. Galaxy Note10 has 4 cameras: 1 front and 3 rear.

*Photo captured with Galaxy Note10+.

Galaxy Note10 plus seen from the front at a three-quarter angle from the power button side, showing the 10MP Selfie Camera. Onscreen is a photo shot on Galaxy Note10 and Note10 plus of man smiling with his head tilted backwards
10MPSelfie Camera
Galaxy Note10 plus seen from the rear showing the quad camera system which includes the DepthVision Camera, 12MP Telephoto Camera, 12MP Wide-angle Camera, and 16MP Ultra Wide Camera
16MP Ultra Wide Camera12MP Wide-angle Camera12MP Telephoto CameraDepthVisionCamera

PRO-GRADE VIDEOMakes video as epic as still photography

Special effects, now for mobile video

Blur out the backgrounds with video bokeh for movie-like depth of field and add special effects in real time to capture artistic moments that stand out.

Video captured with Live focus video with Big Circle filter, showing a woman DJ-ing at a party
Blur filterBig circle filterColor point filterGlitch filter

*Video captured with Galaxy Note10+.

Zoom-in Mic lets you record the sounds you wantControl the sound around you as you zoom in or out, giving you the power to capture the sound that matters.

Zoom-In Mic video of a woman in a kitchen cooking salmon in a pan. As the camera zooms in, the cooking sounds get louder and the surrounding noise gets quieterPlay

*Video captured with Galaxy Note10+.

Super steady makes action shots smooth and natural

Get hi-motion video without the motion sickness. The camera predicts movement by pulling from a library of over a million frames, reducing vibrations in your videos.

Super steady comparison video of a man running up stairs in a park. He reaches the top and the camera spins around him to face him with the sun behind him. The screen is split in half to show how when Super steady is off the video is shaky but when Super steady is on the footage comes out clear and smoothPlay
Previous model Galaxy Note10+

*Video captured with Galaxy Note10+.

*Previous model is Galaxy Note9.

HDR10+ captures the moment the way you saw it

Shoot incredible color and detail in 4K UHD. Experience rich hues and contrast that stay accurate in each scene with HDR10+ and Dynamic Tone Mapping.1

4K UHD video of a woman walking through a hallway with a rainbow of lights illuminating the hall. She puts on her headphones while she’s walking. The screen splits in half to show how dark the video is when HDR10 plus is off and how bright and colorful the video is when HDR10 plus is onPlay

*Video captured with Galaxy Note10+.

VIDEO EDITINGShoot. Edit. Share

A full editing studio now on your phone

Make edits to multiple videos, insert transitions or subtitles, change the speed, and even add illustrations with S Pen.

Camera GUI overlaid on top of a video being captured by Galaxy Note10 plus of a woman DJing Same video of woman DJing being edited with the editing GUI overlaid on top

Sharing menu GUI overlaid on top of the editor

*Video captured with Galaxy Note10+.

PHOTOGRAPHYProfessional shots even if you’re not a pro

Ultra Wide Camera captures what others miss

Go wide for a 123° field of vision with the 16MP Ultra Wide Camera. Crop in with the 12MP Wide-angle Camera, or get closer with the 2x optical zoom on the 12MP Telephoto Camera.

Photo captured by the Ultra Wide Camera of a man squatting in the middle of a long hallwayPhoto captured by the Wide-angle Camera of a man squatting in the middle of a long hallwayPhoto captured by the Telephoto Camera of a man squatting in the middle of a long hallway
1.Ultra Wide Camera2.Wide-angle Camera3.Telephoto Camera

*Photos captured with Galaxy Note10+.

Dual aperture isn’t afraid of day or night

The Wide-angle camera auto-adjusts to the surrounding light: F1.5 mode brings light into dark scenes, F2.4 mode keeps things sharp in bright daylight, and Night Mode brightens up the super low light scenes.

Daylight photo of a woman standing against a wall with her hand on her hipPhoto in a low-light environment of a woman standing in an alley with her hand in her pocket, looking off to the side

Nighttime photo of a man leaning against a street pole

*Photos captured with Galaxy Note10+.

The front camera that turns selfies into self-portraitsDesigned for more natural eye contact, the 10MP front camera now sits in the center of the screen and has been upgraded for better low-light shots.

Selfie of a woman looking into the camera with her hair surrounding her faceNighttime selfie of a man standing with feet shoulder-width apart in front of partially lit skyscrapers

*Photos captured with Galaxy Note10+ and S Pen.

Scene Optimizer is your secret tool for professional shots

With a tap, Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ recognize popular subjects and use Local Tone Mapping to adjust settings for instantly shareable shots.2

Person mode. Photo of a woman in a kitchen putting together a salmon salad. An animated swipe shows how Scene Optimizer enhances the color and tone
Flower mode. Photo of two white flowers in a vase. An animated swipe shows how Scene Optimizer enhances the color and tone
Food mode. Photo of a salmon salad. An animated swipe shows how Scene Optimizer enhances the color and tone

*Photos captured with Galaxy Note10+.

*30 modes available: Face, Baby, Person, Dog, Cat, Food, People, Beaches, Sky, Mountain, Sunset, Sunrise, City, Snow, Waterfall, Watersides, Scenery, Stage, Vehicles, Drinks, Flowers, Trees, Greenery, Animal, Shoes, Backlit, Indoor, Text, Clothes, and Night view.

DEPTHVISION CAMERAThe camera that measures up

Quick Measure turns your camera into a measuring deviceThe DepthVision Camera and AR intelligence pair up to give you instant measurements, perfect for DIY mavens and interior decorators alike.3

*Photo captured with Galaxy Note10+ with simulated overlay for illustration purposes.

*Available only on Galaxy Note10+.

Quick Measure app icon*The Quick Measure app is separate from the Camera app.


Photo of a bottle with the Quick Measure GUI overlaid on top, displaying the item’s measurements

3D Scanner breathes new life into your objectsThe 3D Scanner app lets you take a 360 degree snap of an object and turn it into an animated GIF you can share.4, 5

*Available only on Galaxy Note10+.


Close up of the top of blue S Pen, showing the silver click-top

Unparalleled, S Pen defines the Note experience

Redesigned to put more power at your fingertips

Our most advanced S Pen yet. With an elegant, unibody design, it follows your movements, and writes, draws, and controls longer.

Top part of white S Pen and lower part of black S Pen. Each one moves towards the center to show more of the pen



BLUETOOTH ENABLEDS Pen is now your remote control

Remote control turns your clicks into action

With a click, navigate a presentation, play and pause videos, or snap a photo — all with the S Pen.2

Woman standing in front of of a wall with an illustration on it holding S Pen
Air actions give you intuitive control with a wave of your hand

We re-engineered S Pen to match your movements, allowing you to control your phone via simple gestures.3

Front cameraMove S Pen clockwise or counterclockwise to change the camera angle and capture a close-crop group shot or the whole scene.

A hand holding blue S Pen that moves clockwise. The selfie of three friends in a park changes from close-crop to the full view, simulating how you can change camera modes on the Front Camera

GalleryFlick left or right in the Gallery app to move to the next photo, or go back to the previous one.

A hand holding blue S Pen that moves side to side. The first photo is a woman DJing at dusk and moves to the next photo of the same woman running outside, simulating switching photos in the Gallery

VolumeTurn up the sound by gesturing up. Lower the sound by gesturing down — no need to touch the volume key.

47A hand holding blue S Pen that moves up and down. The volume GUI shown overlaid on an album cover goes up, showing the volume being turned up by S Pen

S PEN TOOLSRedesigned to unleash your creativity

Text export turns your handwriting into text instantly

Jot down your thoughts then simply tap, turning your project notes into readable text you can copy, paste, and share.


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