Google Pixel 4 (6GB, 64GB) Single Sim (PTA Approved) with Official warranty –
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Google Pixel 4 (6GB, 64GB) Single Sim (PTA Approved) with Official warranty

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Estimated Delivery Date December 2, 2020
The Google phone.
Studio-like photos. Without the studio.

Shoot without the flash.

Capture rich detail and color, even in the dark, with the next generation of Night Sight.

Capture the cosmos.

The camera that can take photos of the Milky Way.

Challenging shots, made easy.

Adjust brightness and shadows separately with dual exposure controls. Capture vivid colors with Live HDR+.

Focus on what matters.

With a second camera lens, Portrait Mode is now even better. Backgrounds fade into an artful blur, giving photos a DSLR-like quality.

The details make the moment.

Don’t lose out as you zoom in.

A second camera lens and Super Res Zoom makes it easy to take high-quality photos from far away.

Better shots with friends and family.

Frequent Faces learns the people you photograph the most and captures Top Shot photos where they are smiling and not blinking.

Free unlimited storage.

The details make the moment.

Free unlimited storage.

Never worry about storing, finding, or sharing your memories thanks to unlimited storage in high quality on Google Photos.

Annie Leibovitz x Google Pixel

Portraits of change

Explore a portrait series from the iconic photographer Annie Leibovitz, shot exclusively on Pixel. Annie focuses on individuals committed to changing the landscape of their time.

The new Google Assistant.

Get more done with your voice. The new Google Assistant2 provides an easy and fast way to control your phone and apps on the go.

All the help you need, fast.

With the new Google Assistant, you can get stuff done like finding and sharing photos and setting up reminders, even on the go.

Multitask like a pro.

Simpler integration with your favorite apps means you can control your phone with just your voice, so you can do more of what you want.

Get things done. No touch required.

Motion Sense uses radar, helping you control your Pixel 4 when you’re running on the treadmill or enjoying your favorite tacos–without touching your phone.

Navigate your music.

With Quick Gestures, a wave of the hand above the screen allows you to skip songs and navigate your music.

Snooze and silence.

Quick Gestures also lets you snooze alarms and silence phone calls, just by waving your hand above the screen

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